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Our History & Mission

Established in 1872, St. Joseph Catholic School has a long and rich history of Catholic education. In 1889, the new combination of Church and school was dedicated at the 13th Street location.  Classes were held in the sacristies of the Church until June 1909 when a new school was built to accommodate six classrooms and basement.  Today, this building serves as St. Joseph Catholic School’s Music Academy.  In 1920, two extra rooms were added, and following the next eighty-five years, additional rooms and space for educational purposes continued to expand programs offered at St. Joseph Catholic School.


In 2005, St. Joseph Catholic School opened its doors to the first new preschool program housed in the Parish Hall and served students aged three through 5 years of age. In 2006 a new facility, designed specifically for early childhood purposes, was established in a property owned by the Church adjacent to the Parish Hall to accommodate an increase in enrollment.

In 2007, St. Joseph Catholic School developed a partnership with Cabell County Schools to provide families with a Universal Pre-K4 year old program.  Today, this partnership with the county continues benefiting all enrolled four-year-olds preparing for Kindergarten.  In addition to this partnership, the school opened its doors to an all year round brand new nursery and toddler program for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 24 months.  

In 2007, St. Joseph Catholic School, with the support of the local community, St. Joseph Catholic Church and the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston designed and constructed a brand new school designed to house student pre-k through eighth grade. St. Joseph Catholic School celebrated its ribbon cutting with Ed Tucker architects, Jarrett Construction, Mayor Wolfe, pastor Monsignor Luciana, and the late bishop, Bishop Schmidt.  

The new school building has been designed to meet the needs of a 21st-Century learning environment.  Students enjoy larger classroom settings, a middle school regulation-sized gymnasium, a state of the art computer and media room, a Title 1 and resource rooms, along with a high school designed science lab.  In addition to these facilities, St. Joseph Catholic School, along with St. Joseph Catholic Church and High School acquired the adjacent property that includes two-acres of land, parking, grass field, an additional gymnasium in 2011. 

St. Joseph Catholic School continues to expand and enhance the overall learning experience for all students.  Thanks to the school’s Annual Fund, the school, in 2015 integrated the advanced technology of augmented virtual reality, zSpace, with the school’s new XSTREAM Center.  Students K-8 are afforded the opportunity to learn scientific phenomena through the use of virtual reality.  This advanced technology takes learning to a whole new level and provides students with an immersive and interactive experience.  In addition to the virtual reality technology, students also utilize Apple-based platforms such as iPads and Mac Books as well as Long Distant Learning opportunities within the school’s XSTREAM Center.  In 2018, the school launched a new Makerspace learning environment designed to encourage collaborative learning experiences through hands-on learning models, VEX Robotics, and 3D printing technology. Middle school-aged students also participate in media studies creating and airing new feeds to the school’s YouTube account.

In 2018 the school expanded its one-to-one technology device initiative with all students in grades 3-8 gaining daily access to individual notebook devices linked to Google platforms such as Google Classrooms and Google Suite.  Also in 2018, St. Joseph Catholic School partnered with Pixar to pilot the organization’s new program, Pixar in a Box. Pixar in a Box teaches students that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related subjects are prevalent and vital to the world of animation and the arts.  

St. Joseph Catholic School also provides students the opportunity to expand their experience within the field of music and theatre.  Students beginning in 3rd grade not only participate in weekly music lessons but also learn the skill of playing string instruments such as the violin or cello.  

In 2019, the school introduced a Soccer Academy for students Pre-K4 - 8th grade. The Soccer Academy, coached by top licensed and endorsed soccer coaches, provide students with developmentally appropriate skill and drill practice along with embracing the concepts of sportsmanship, and team work.  Middle school-aged students also participate in competitive competitions with local and regional schools. 

Learning opportunities are endless at St. Joseph Catholic School.  


Today in Saint Joseph Catholic School, let us be aware of the presence of God in all that we do. God loves each of us. We have been given many gifts for the good of others. Let us be ready to learn and grow in mind, heart and spirit.


We at St. Joseph Catholic School, encourage high academic standards for all our students. Our students and staff also participate in our Community Outreach Program. Each month, our school adopts a cause to help. Charities that St. Joseph Catholic School has helped with include but not limited to: American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Awareness, Hoops Children Hospital at Cabell-Huntington Hospital, Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity, Huntington City Mission, the Burrito Riders, Wounded Warriors, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, WE, Blessings in a Backpack, local school food pantries and many more.

Middle School students also volunteer for at least 10 hours per school year through Church, School and Community activities.


Our school operates under the guidance of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, and works within the greater mission of the Diocese and the Catholic Church. Our students attend weekly mass (subject to schedule conflicts) as well as an occasional penance service and Stations of the Cross during the Lenten season. Each day’s class begins and ends with a prayer. Our students are encouraged to develop a strong faith life. Students of all faith traditions are enrolled at St. Joseph.


There are many opportunities to increase learning through the school’s participation in art projects, Math Field Day, Spelling Bees, Geography Bee, Golden Horseshoe and the annual Science or Social Studies Fair.

St. Joseph Catholic School offers Athletics and Scout programs in after-school environments.

St. Joseph Catholic School has adopted the Outside the Classroom program for our students. Students have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities outside the academic spectrum, including the following:   Robotics, Art Club, Cooking Club, Chess Club, EW!, Yoga, Band, Legos, Archery, Triple I, and much more. 

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