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technology innovation

In the spring of 2017, St. Joseph Catholic School launching the idea of its XSTR2EAM Center.  


This facility will provide students with a rigourous and highly collaborative, interactive learning environment that is technologically rich and provides extensive means to communicate in a diverse and global setting.  Students will learn to develop their 21st Century skills while immersed in a diverse cross-curricular curriculum.


The XSTR2EAM Center includes the following concept areas: 

  • Interactive Workspace

  • Distance Learning Center

  • Makerspace (Robotics, Legos, etc.)

  • Media Production Center

  • zSpace 3D Learning

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Project Based Learning

  • Computer Game Development


The XSTR2EAM Center was developed in three phases:


Phase 1:  

.In January, 2017, eleven zSpace units were purchased to utilized by students and staff in curriculum-based activities.  For further information on this system, visit

Phase 2:

Renovation of the old computer lab to make way for the new placement of the school library.


Phase 3:  

Renovation of the existing school library for future components of the XSTR2EAM Center including a Media Center and Distant Learning Center.

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