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kindergarten - 5th grade

St. Joseph Catholic School’s academic program is designed to invite all students to come together to pursue their passion for learning within a Christian environment. St. Joseph Catholic School fosters academic excellence, spiritual and social growth within an innovative, stimulating curriculum through a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • Two classes per grade level designed to increase level of one-on-one instruction and smaller class sizes

  • Highly qualified West Virginia licensed teachers

  • Additional qualified support teachers to provide acceleration, enrichment and intervention where needed through pull out sessions or small group learning environments

  • Highly differentiated and academically challenging curriculum provided

  • Advanced problem solving mathematics curriculum including additional accelerated mathematic levels

  • Departmentalization of Intermediate Grades to increase rigor of instruction and learning

  • Foreign language programs including Spanish and Mandarin classes

  • Advanced technology including iPads, Chrome Notebooks, laptops, Smartboards and desktops in each classroom

  • FOSS hands-on science program

  • Enrichment Program is available to eligible students to challenge particularly gifted and talented students.

  • Special classes provided in Art, Music, Technology, Health and P.E.

  • After School Clubs including; Triple I Investigation Club, Chess Club, Advanced Art Club, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts

  • IXL is a web-based math and language arts program that reinforces the curriculum throughout the school year.

  • Accelerated Reader Program designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension mastery

  • In-house student academic diagnostic testing

  • Student Support Plans overseen by the school’s Dean of Student Affairs

  • Character Plans overseen by the school’s counselor

  • County services including Speech and ESL

  • Cabell County Spelling Bee

  • CTB Terra Nova 3 standardized test administered

  • Weekly Mass and Choir

  • Athletics programs including soccer, basketball, cross country, cheerleading and Little Tykes Sports Camps offered throughout the year.


In this environment, our students develop the self-confidence to challenge themselves in the classroom, and in extracurricular activities, athletics, performing arts, and clubs.


Our faculty members are experts in their fields who love the classes they teach, and are eager to share their knowledge in an interactive, participatory style of teaching that noticeably engages students in the learning process.

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